October 24, 2014

Commercial nails McConnell on certain 'unfair advantage'

Screenshot: "Be considerate and think before sharing."
Two weeks ago, Alison Lundergan Grimes' campaign began airing a commercial that was not publicly searchable on its Youtube channel. Now the Senate Majority PAC is doing the same.

Unlike Grimes ad that annoyed her base because it was downright hateful to immigrants, the Senate Majority PAC's ad looks pretty good. Why is it not publicly searchable on Youtube?  Would a modest show of transparency hurt that much?

October 22, 2014

Mitch McConnell, Above The Law

I'm following up on my source for this image of Mitch McConnell's campaign bus, so in the meantime let's just all hope he's being detained for his crimes.

Mitch McConnell fills his tank with gas, not coal

Joe Sonka deserves some kind of $100,000 grant for reading Mitch McConnell's eight million page FEC reports. Today he found a McConnell contribution from America's Natural Gas Alliance Political Action Committee:

Mitch McConnell received $2,500 from the War on Coal PAC: #kysen
As I wrote in August, when it comes to the war on coal, McConnell's interest is more-aligned with Barack Obama's interest in the switch to gas. (War on Coal: Mitch McConnell's contributions from oil and gas industry almost double that from mining (coal))

Since then, I've also wrote about how a PAC supporting McConnell has taken in $25,000 by corporation very invested in the gas industry that also stores explosive chemicals next to suburban schools. (McConnell donor receives EPA scrutiny for storing 1.5 million pounds of sulfur dioxide near schools, and his gas pipeline)

October 17, 2014

McConnell senate website hides old news releases

Want to search the website of Senator Mitch McConnell to see what he said in the 1980's about a current issue like amnesty for immigrants or infectious disease prevention?

What about the news releases from the first four years of his current term? Surely those are relevant to the current referendum on his government service, right?

Sorry, not Sorry: Grimes pulling immigration ad, after it's done 'saturating'

According to Joe Sonka at Insider Louisville, Alison Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst sit down with Kentucky immigration advocates Louisville Metro Councilmembers Attica Scott and Tina Ward-Pugh, as well as Flaco Aleman, Rev. Tony Aja, and (my former professor) Edgardo Mansilla to listen to their concerns about her pejorative anti-amnesty ad.

Scott told Sonka the meeting was positive and that the Grimes campaign was pulling the ad.

However, when Sonka probed the Grimes campaign for when the ads will stop, he received a statement explaining the pulling of the immigration ads will come, I swear I'm not making this up, after it's done "saturating."

It is uncertain how many latino children watching television in Kentucky will be saturated with the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant"  before Grimes budget for the message is exhausted.

Grimes has yet to offer an apology.

If you're not in Kentucky, you probably learned first about the ad either from here or Barefoot and Progressive (or someone who got it from us), because Grimes campaign made the video "unlisted" for the internet. Meaning, the video was uploaded and the link, which was not searchable, then-leaked outside of the campaign.

Related- Earlier today KFTC explained to members why they will continue to support Grimes through the election, despite the commercial.

Despite Grimes' anti-amnesty ad, Kentucky-wide social justice group/PAC, sticks with her

From Facebook
In spite of senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes' repulsive anti-amnesty ad airing last week, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) decided to continue supporting her (through their New Power PAC), against incumbent Mitch McConnell, according to an email sent out to members this morning. KFTC sent a similar letter to their allies, which would include organizations focused on immigrant rights, explaining their decision.

But KFTC also sent a letter to Grimes, "expressing in the clearest terms our disappointment in her and her campaign. All this may also lead to more public expression of our disappointment."

KFTC may be Kentucky's largest grassroots social justice group, and it isn't just an environmental group. Other issues KFTC organizes around include economic justice, new safe energy, an honest democracy. That includes working in solidarity with Kentucky's immigrant community in the fight for immigrant rights.

Disclosure: I'm  a proud KFTC member, but even I wasn't, I believe the KFTC Executive Committee got this one right, and their comprehensive analysis is helpful to putting Grimes ad in perspective.

Here's their complete heart-wrestling email below:

October 16, 2014

Recently indicted mortgage broker still promotes charitable GoFundMe campaign

Screenshot from GoFundMe
Brady Bunte has raised $6,165 from 25 people on a GoFundMe campaign he set up three weeks ago, before he was indicted by a Louisville federal grand jury just two weeks ago for bank fraud.

According to Bunte, his fundraising campaign is unrelated to his own legal issues, but is for his ongoing charitable attempt to raise money for a specific family who found themselves victims of tropical storm Odile, which hit Baja, Mexico last month

Bunte's indictment was related to 53 fraudulent funding requests, totaling $17,900,000, from his Orange County, California mortgage company sent to National City and PNC Banks for non-existent mortgage loans.

Following his indictment, Bunte has continued to promote the campaign using his personal Twitter account. On October 4, 2013, about a week after Bunte's indictment, he promoted the campaign with these two tweets (4:26 PM, 4:30 PM):

October 12, 2014

McConnell donor receives EPA scrutiny for storing 1.5 million pounds of sulfur dioxide near schools, and his gas pipeline

Image: Siam PVS Chemical
A major funder of a pro Mitch McConnell super pac is receiving critical scrutiny after the EPA revealed the corporation he heads is causing students in suburban Chicago schools to be vulnerable to toxic exposure.

James B. Nicholson contributed $25,000 to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership on May 22, 2014, per an FEC report. He has served as the President and CEO of PVS Chemical Solutions, Inc. since 1979

While PVS Chemical Solutions is a Detroit-based manufacturer, distributor and marketer of chemicals, the firm owns and operates facilities worldwide from California to Thailand.

October 11, 2014

(VIDEO) Alison Lundergan Grimes panders to racists with 'illegal aliens' rhetoric

Screenshot from Grimes Youtube
Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes's campaign began airing a new commercial Thursday that panders to Kentucky's most racist voting block by using the term "illegal aliens."

Further, Grimes commits to oppose amnesty or benefits for "illegal immigrants" forever.

When the Grimes campaign uploaded the video to Youtube, they designated the video as "unlisted" so that it could not be found in search engines. Her campaign probably thought it best if her out-of-state pro-amnesty supporters didn't see it. Here it is:

October 10, 2014

Grimes to McConnell: 'Explain vote to keep tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas'

Senator Mitch McConnell opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes is finally hitting him on his support for tax breaks for US companies that ship jobs abroad:
I wrote here in August about how McConnell's in laws evade US taxes by flagging their ships in Liberia. International Business Times used that original research for this widely-read analysis: