September 1, 2014

Dimitri and Jolanda Kesari - two must-know actors in the outcome of Kentucky's senate race
(update 9/1/14: This post was updated to reflect it has been confirmed Dimitri Kasari still serves on the Hamilton, VA town council but was absent at June meeting.)

Hyllus, Dimitri Kesari's company, was paid by the McConnell campaign over $60,000 in 2013 to do unspecified work.

Kesari was Ron Paul's deputy national campaign director for 2012, and has been identified as the "bagman" who delivered bribes to former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson. The purpose of those bribes, according to Sorenson, was for him to endorse presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul.

Kesari's wife, Jolanda, owns Designer Goldsmith's in Leesburg, Virginia, from which checks surfaced in the bribery scandal. So if you want to know if the Kesari's bribed anyone in Kentucky's US Senate race to endorse McConnell, you better bet these are two people who would know.

Scorned Louisville District Court Judge Reports Contribution from Elaine Chao

Screenshot from KREF 
Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao contributed a $1,000 to the 2014 re-election campaign of scorned Jefferson County District Court Judge Sandra McLaughlin, according to KREF reports. Chao's contribution came almost six months after McLaughlin was recorded telling an African American defendant that his Obama t-shirt "wasn't helping" his case. After dismissing the defendant from her courtroom, McLaughlin remarked, he was "he was lucky to get out of here alive."

August 31, 2014

AUDIO: Mitch McConnell was psyched about modeling Ron Paul's campaign

Senator Mitch McConnell was psyched about modeling his re-election campaign after Ron Paul's presidential campaign. From. Day. One. Immediately following the launch party of his campaign's Louisville headquarters on February 2, 2013, McConnell met with his (now former) campaign manager Jesse R. Benton, and others to discuss campaign strategy. 

Part of that strategy included adopting techniques Benton had used as manager of Paul's presidential campaign. Here's a never-before-released clip capturing a few moments of McConnell discussing that integration:

August 30, 2014

Mitch McConnell spokesperson hangs up on WAVE 3

Moore, from Twitter.
When asked if she'd go on the record about Jesse Benton's resignation, Mitch McConnell's campaign spokesperson Allison Moore "hung up" on Louisville's WAVE 3.

WAVE 3 was one of of the first television stations in Louisville, Kentucky, first coming on air on November 24, 1948. At the time of their first broadcast, McConnell was already six years old.

Per Joe Sonka, Moore became the McConnell campaign spokesperson last August when audio was first-released of Benton complaining about having to hold his nose to work with McConnell.

August 28, 2014

Mitch McConnell sees reporters, pretends he is invisible

Remember when Sen. Mitch McConnell wasted taxpayer resources by asking the FBI to investigate me? If you didn't hear, this is how that turned out. And then there was that time McConnell dispatched a special cop to monitor Joe Sonka, then with LEO Weekly. And then there was a week ago, when the Hillbilly Report's Jim Pence was shut out of public event in Litchfield, Kentucky. McConnell's latest approach to evading the 4th estate accountability on his power?

He just pretends like his invisible. Yoohoo, we can see you!

August 25, 2014

Before Kentucky Farm Bureau, Mitch McConnell takes credit for brokering fiscal cliff deal with $500 million giveaway to Amgen, other pharmaceutical companies

Kentucky Farm Bureau recently hosted their Measure the Candidate Forum 2014, and today they published their video of opening statements of Senate candidates Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes. 

In McConnell's opening statement,  he gave us a reminder of how he spent his New Year's Eve 2012. 

"You may remember where you were New Year's Eve 2012, but I bet you forgot where I was. I was not with Elaine, I was with Joe Biden."
To hear him tell it, McConnell was Kentucky's fiscal savior that night. Not so fast, Senator. 

Mitch McConnell once student council president of duPont Manual High School

1991 Honda Accord
In a recently uncovered C-SPAN interview from November 1992, Senator Mitch McConnell reveals he drove a Honda Accord. We see a McConnell who is a divorced D.C. bachelor, beginning his second term in office. 

He goes out to parties sometimes, but not every night. He works out to keep himself fit, and he enjoys Tom Clancy books.

August 24, 2014

Syria's chemical weapon stockpile destroyed, Richmond, Kentucky's stockpile less of a priority

About $10.6 billion is being spent by a federal program constructing two facilities capable of destroying the U.S. stockpile of chemical weapons. One of those facilities, located on the grounds of Richmond, Kentucky's Blue Grass Army Depot, is scheduled to begin destroying 523 tons of chemical weapons stored there in 2020. The process that will be used is called "supercritical water oxidation" and is expected to take until 2023.

Mitch McConnell's friends bomb high-rise building in Gaza

Last week I wrote here about Senator Mitch McConnell's enthusiastic support of Israel's terror in Gaza at an event organized by Christians United for Israel. At that event, McConnell joked with the crowd:
"I also tell my Israeli friends that I am sympathetic to them because they're the only people who get worse press in the world than Republicans."
Israeli has since bombed a high-rise building where 50 families lived. McConnell will likely cite this just as another example of Israel getting bad press. Warning: This bad press is loud and disturbing. And real.

It's not right, friends.